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Policies and Procedures

  • ISC accepts the following payments for our programs: Visa · Mastercard
  • All payments must be received prior to skating sessions. No skater will be permitted on the ice until payment has been made.
  • Withdrawal for "medical reasons" may be considered for a skater who meets the following criteria: a) has missed 5 consecutive registered skating sessions, b) has provided a doctor’s medical note regarding illness and c) has submitted a written request to the ISC Board of Directors.
  • With the exception of "medical reasons" passed by the ISC Board of Directors, all fees are non-refundable.
  • All skaters must be registered with Skate Canada and pay an annual $35.65 membership fee for the current year. This fee is valid from September 1st to August 31st and includes insurance. The fee is non-refundable in all programs.
  • Skate rental is not available. Skaters must have their own skates and helmets. Skaters must wear CSA approved helments.
  • The Club reserves the right to cancel sessions if there is insufficient registration. 
  • No refunds are offered if ice is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. weather, mechanical failures or temporary labour disputes/strikes.